Did you know that there is an instruction manual inside your iPhone or iPad?

When you buy an iPhone, an iPod or even an iPad, no instruction manual is included in the box. Apple makes virtual documents available for download on the internet, but not everyone knows that it is possible to access them directly on the device, in web application format.

The shortcut exists by default within Safari, in the Favorites menu. Check it out yourself on your device.

On the iPad, the menu is on the top bar of the browser.

When touching the favorite, the device opens the manual with all the introductory menus with the basics of the system.

As it is a web application, an internet connection is required to open the manual. But it is done in a format that requires little data transfer, downloading quickly over any connection (Wi-Fi or 3G).

To make access even easier, you can add the page to the application screen. To do this, tap the menu with the small arrow on the bottom bar of the iPhone (or on the top bar of the iPad) and select the “Add to Home Screen“.

Okay, you now have an icon with the iOS manual in the middle of your apps. ?

The Did You Know section is dedicated to novice iPhone, iPod and iPad users. To always have instructions on iOS 5 at hand without having to connect to the internet, download our free book.