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Did you know that the iPhone does not work in extreme temperatures?

IPhone temperature warningI don't know if you know, but the iPhone for security reasons doesn't work at certain temperatures. Very high or very low temperatures can shorten the life of your battery or prevent the device from operating normally.

The temperature range indicated for using the iPhone from 0C to 35C. When not using it, store it in places where the temperature is between -20C and 45C.

If the iPhone's internal temperature exceeds the recommended range, you can observe the following “actions” while the device tries to regulate it:

  • The device stops charging the battery;
  • The screen decreases the brightness;
  • The cellular signal becomes weaker;
  • The message “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it” appears.

The image on the side shows the message that the temperature of the device is too high. This is a defense mechanism that prevents internal components from being damaged. If it does, you should turn off the device and put it in a cooler place while its temperature decreases.

Nobody here in Brazil is likely to face such extreme temperatures, but it is better to avoid the following actions so that this does not happen:

  • Leaving the iPhone in the car on a very sunny day;
  • Leave the device exposed to the sun for a very long period;
  • Using certain applications in hot conditions or exposed to the Sun for a long time, such as GPS in a car or listening to music with Sun hitting the iPhone.

Even showing the temperature alert, the iPhone should still be able to make emergency calls.

You can find more information about the operating temperature of the iPhone on the Apple support page.

(Via: The iPhone Blog.)