Did you expect anything else? Number of cell phone thefts increase in Brazil

A survey conducted by Mobile Time in partnership with Opinion Box has provided alarming data on people who have been victims of mobile phone theft or theft in Brazil over the past 12 months. The number of people with internet access who were victims of theft or theft increased from 35% last year to 49% in the most recent survey.

The reasons are many, such as the high unemployment rate, public security crisis, smartphones with very high values, among others. There is no shortage of factors to explain the significant increase in the incidence of mobile phone theft and theft in Brazil in recent times. Men are more at risk than women of having their cell phones stolen or stolen, the research also points out.

Another curious finding from the survey is that only 48% of the victims recorded a police report (B.O.). Instead of seeking police, it is more common for Brazilians to take further action after suffering theft or robbery. Among the victims interviewed, 51% blocked both the chip and the device; 28% blocked the chip only; and 5% only the device. In addition, 23% tried to track their cell phone.

panorama stolen mobiles july2018.pdf
Mobile Time survey statistics / panoramamobiletime.br

Among those who have already been stolen, 70% of victims replace their lost cell phone with a better model. Another 16% bought a similar and 12% a worse. Only 2% had not yet bought a replacement phone after the last theft. Another interesting detail: 58% chose to buy a device of another brand, while 40% remained faithful brand of the device that was taken.

If we stop to take a closer look, it is disturbing to see that almost half of Brazilian Internet users have had a stolen or stolen cell phone and the trend is increasing. In addition to the care to be taken, it is also worth thinking about paying for insurance, especially when you have a top of the line.

And have you ever had your cell phone stolen or stolen?

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