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Did the Galaxy S8 really deserve a dual camera?

Leaks about the development process of the Galaxy S8 continue even after its official release. Today, by the way, the model will be launched in Brazil, and we also had the opportunity to meet a prototype of the device with a dual camera, abandoned design in its final version. But, after all, did the new S8 deserve a dual lens set?

Dual cameras became more popular last year, featured in models like the LG G5, iPhone 7 Plus and Huawei P9. The year 2017 has also reserved some news in this area. LG's G6 and Huawei P10 continued the project started by their predecessors.

Of course, big manufacturers need to embrace these news, as they are responsible for making these trends accessible in many countries. Samsung apparently decided to focus on dual lenses and prioritized other aspects in the new Galaxy S8. At least that reveals the prototype that was released today on the internet:

galaxy s8 lens duo leak
S8 prototype with double lens / TekSapo

The company really had the interest of adopting a dual camera in its new flagship. However, the presence of sensors at the rear could make Sammy need to open one of the S8's big differentials: the Infinity Display. It would be technically difficult for the company to add the biometric sensor to the rear as it was done with the new products due to the dual lens modules and components.

If it wasn't in the back, Samsung would probably have to put it in the front, which would not be interesting for the infinite display concept. After all, we will have a physical button and more space would be used by the edges. Of course, this is my theory for dropping this idea in S8.

This does not mean that the brand intends to abandon this project. On the contrary, we will still have Note 6 this year, which can hit the market with dual cameras. At the latest we can see this feature coming to the Galaxy S9.

Did the Galaxy S8 really deserve a dual camera?

Personally, I do not see many advantages in having a dual camera on a smartphone. Let's say I don't think this feature is 'killer'. The absence of this market trend also does not make the Galaxy S8 inferior products, on the contrary, I believe that hardly a user who will become owner of an S8 will miss a second lens.

The dual camera didn't miss the Galaxy S8.

In the field of dual lenses, Apple has invested in a 56mm telephoto lens with f / 2.8 aperture, which is dedicated to zooming and to give the image a greater depth of field. Huawei, for its part, bets on a monochrome secondary sensor, which works in conjunction with the main RGB, offering greater detail and depth in gray-toned photos.

In these two cases we get good and very interesting results depending on the lighting, but there is nothing the user can't do with the Galaxy S8 camera and using a good image editing application.

In my opinion the dual cameras went unnoticed on the Galaxy S8. And in your opinion?

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