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Did Apple get it right? Blu-ray adoption is still very slow among PC makers

In October 2008, Steve Jobs declared, "Blu-ray a punching bag." Was he right? Well, one fact: the adoption of technology on PCs is still very slow, according to data released this week by iSuppli.

According to the company, in 2009 only 3.6% of all computers sold will have built-in Blu-ray drives. By 2013, she predicts that the number will rise to 16.3%, which is still absurdly small.

Blu-ray Penetration

Analyzing the market, iSuppli understands that two reasons contribute to this: the first, cost (conventional DVD drives today are much cheaper); the second, there is still not so much exclusive content in BDs (users do not have enough incentive to pay a little more, that is, for technology).

"It is undeniable that Blu-ray provides a better definition, better sound quality and greater storage for a variety of households," said Michael Yang, senior analyst at iSuppli. "However, these benefits have little or no value in viewing content on small desktops or laptop screens with bad speakers."

, I'm with Halex: death to optical drives!

(Via: Betanews.)