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Dictionary app: The 7 best options to have on your phone!

Having a dictionary app on your smartphone is a way to avoid grammatical errors and even prepare for a high school exam, competitions, college entrance exams or even to assist in your work. After all, with orthographic reform, there is always a doubt about how to write one word or another. Or even about synonyms or simply the meaning of some word.

When searching the app store for dictionary, you will surely find a very comprehensive list of options. To help you get to know Portuguese better, check out these 7 dictionary apps and choose one to keep close to:

Dictionary Application

Dictionary Priberate

That's right, the good traditional Priberam Dictionary has a mobile version as well as a browser version.

The great advantage of this app is that it has 12 dictionaries related to Portuguese language. In addition, it also makes queries in other languages ​​and the ability to search the word according to a certain period. That is, you can look for the spelling of a particular word before and after the Orthographic Agreement. This is a good application, however, to enjoy it all I need an internet connection.

Available for Android and iOS.

School Michaelis

Michaelis dictionaries are already well known and reliable, certainly a great application option in this category. This perfect app for anyone who wants to take questions from Portuguese, English or Spanish. This is because the Michaelis Escolar app has these 3 dictionaries. Even the Portuguese dictionary is already in agreement with the new orthographic agreement.

The app has the meaning of words, syllable division, grammar class, verbs, font, plural, feminine, etymology and others.

Available for Android and iOS.

Urban dictionary

This dictionary is the darling of lovers of series and American movies. Often, the characters use expressions and graces that, when translating them to the Portuguese end up losing a little meaning.

Unlike the rest of the other dictionaries in this list, the Urban Dictionary provides the best definitions for English expressions and spellings. This will help you to understand movies and series much better. It will also be very useful if you plan to spend a season outside the country and need to know the language and expressions used.

Available for Android and iOS.

Dictionary Application


The Portuguese Language Orthographic Vocabulary (VOLP) is a service of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. In the app, you can take questions about the spelling of words according to the new Spelling Agreement.

This app has over 380,000 entries. And more! constantly updated! For this reason quite reliable and certainly be up to date with the vocabulary and spelling of the words. It is very worth having the VOLP on your smartphone.

Available for Android and iOS.


Dicio is a well known online dictionary. Now also available in mobile version as an app. In both versions Dicio presents the spelling, the definition and other important information.

Perfect for those who need to use a more vocabulary or still looking for synonyms to work on an article. Best of all, it works without the need for the internet.

Available for Android and iOS.

The Free Dictionary

This is one of the most complete dictionaries you will find. It has 14 different languages, being a specific dictionary for each of them. It has translations, synonyms, wordplay, encyclopedias and many other materials to teach its users.

There is still a super cool differential! The Free Dictionary has a game where the user accumulates points as he learns. When it reaches a certain score, the app donates meals to needy children.

Available for Android and iOS.

Dictionary Application

Pocket Grammar

As its name implies, a complete grammar in your pocket. With just a few clicks the application will solve many Portuguese doubts. It has much more than just the right spelling.

The Pocket Grammar app has articles, video lessons, quick tips and many other content. All with one purpose: to teach grammar. It is well worth testing it. Certainly become one of your dearest apps.

Available for Android only.