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«Dickinson» will debut at Tribeca TV Festival; trailer is released

Apple TV +: "Dickinson" will debut at Tribeca TV Festival;  trailer is released

Apple is already heating up the engines for the launch of its original content platform, the Apple TV + – that nobody knows for sure when it will arrive, but we will certainly have more information about it at the next Apple event (on the 10th, who knows).

After the «For All Mankind» and «The Morning Show», we already have a preview of yet another series of the streaming of the Apple. I’m talking about «Dickinson», dramatic comedy that will accompany the youthful years of the poet Emily Dickinson (lived by the actress Hailee Steinfeld, nominated for an Oscar for «Bravura Indomita») while she explores the limits of society, gender and family in the United States in the mid-19th century.

By the tone of the trailer, we will have a series with very anachronistic touches and a “modern” outfit – which can either prove to be an exercise in successful style or simply sound weird.

Check it out:

Official series premiere

In addition to the trailer, Apple announced that it will make the official debut of “Dickinson” on Tribeca TV Festival at the saturday, 9/14. On that day, the first episode of the series will be shown, and then a panel will bring together producer Alena Smith and actresses Hailee Steinfeld and Jane Krakowski (who, on the show, plays Emily Dickinson’s mother). This is likely to be the first original and complete Apple TV + content to be shown publicly anywhere.

We will keep an eye out, of course, for future news about “Dickinson” or Apple TV + as a whole. It shouldn’t be long before we know more about this whole story.

via MacRumors