[dica] Watching computer video files on your Apple TV

There is in some people the false idea that it is only possible to watch Apple TV to videos in formats compatible with iTunes (which natively does not accept AVI, MKV and others). This is not quite true.

If you are reading this blog and have an Apple TV, you most likely also have an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Then we’ll show you how you can watch videos on your Mac or Windows, from any format and with subtitles, on your TV with the help of your iOS device.

If you just plug in your Apple TV and try to access your computer through it, you’ll be able to listen to music and watch videos in your iTunes library, which is very limited. But thanks to AirPlay streaming present on Apple devices), you can use an application that will serve as “bridge”Between your computer and Apple TV.

For this, we use an iPhone and iPad application called Air Video, which allows you to view any video format present on your computer right on your device’s screen. Then, with AirPlay, just send it to Apple TV and watch, in full screen and in HD, the entire movie.

Air Video has three huge advantages: it accepts movie subtitles (the .SRT file must be in the same folder on the computer), it is compatible with practically all the most popular formats (including with support for dual audio) and works on both Windows and on the Mac. Sensational.

Air VideoAir Video

To make the application work with your computer, you need to install a program on it that will serve as your streaming. Only then will the iPhone or iPad be able to view the folders in which the video files are. Another fantastic point of this program is that you can, if you want, convert the video to the format compatible with iTunes, in case you want to transfer it to the device to watch it offline (on a trip, for example). The file is already included with the subtitles embedded.

For those who prefer a chewed step-by-step, here it goes:

Step 1: Download the application on your iPhone, iPod or iPad Air Video HD.

$ 2.99

Step 2: Install the program on your computer Air Video Server, which can be downloaded for free from this site. Open it and select the folders or hard drives connected to your computer that contain video files. They will appear available on your iOS device and can be viewed via AirPlay on Apple TV.

Air Video Server

Step 3: Open the Air Video application on your iPhone or iPad and browse the network for your computer. Both your device and your computer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Air Video

Step 4: Choose the folder available on the computer where the movie you want to watch is located. Remember that the free version of the application has only a limited number of folders.

Air Server

Step 5: When selecting the movie, you will see some options. If it is in a format compatible with iTunes (and therefore iOS), it can be viewed directly. Otherwise, the application will have to convert. The good thing about it is that it allows you to do the conversion in real time (“Play with Live Conversion“), Which makes it possible to watch the video immediately, without having to wait to convert. If you decide to convert first before watching, just tap the option Convert and it will record on your computer (in the same folder) a version of the video converted to m4v.

Air Video

Step 6: Are you already watching the video on your device? Then it’s time to throw the image to Apple TV. Just look for the AirPlay button on the player itself and select the desired device. So easy.

Air Video with AirPlay on Apple TV

Ready! You can then watch the video you want on your TV, without having to worry about converting it or transferring it to pen drives.

With this, Apple TV becomes an excellent multimedia center in your home, in a very practical way without having to connect complicated wires. And with the content you want, in the format you prefer and with subtitles.

As you can conclude, anyone who says that the device is limited to Apple content is because they don’t really know Apple TV properly. Only those who care about exploring its full potential know how much it makes life easier for those who like to have videos and music always on their TV (in addition to being able to view any content on the iPhone or iPad through mirroring).

If you are interested in one, try shopping in the United States (the price there is much lower, $ 99 plus local taxes). If you can’t or don’t know anyone, the Brazilian Apple Store Online also sells the device and sends it all over Brazil with free shipping. And they still pack as a gift if you want to give it to someone. ?

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