[dica] Using US iTunes Store credits

Many people who followed our tutorial to open an account at American App Store asks how to put credits in it, since Brazilian payment cards are not accepted.

The easiest way is to purchase a iTunes Gift Card, a card that Apple makes available for people to gift friends and relatives with iTunes Store (in fact, this brilliant marketing ploy helped iTS to be what it is today).

You can ask someone who is going on a trip to the United States to buy it (it is sold there in any supermarket) or else buy one online, on sites like eBay or Free market.

Several Brazilians opt for this solution gift card to be able to legally buy the applications for your iPhone or iPod touch that are not available in the Brazilian store.

If you are one of those who purchased this type of card and do not know how to include them in the App Store, now see the following steps:

– first of all you need the number of the Gift Card. If you have the physical card, scrape the back to discover it. If you bought over the internet, the number often comes by email.

– open your iTunes (Yes, you need have the iTunes program installed on your computer) and in the left column, click on “iTunes Store”.

– on the top right button (“Start section”), access your account American (the one you did in the tutorial). Credits do not work with the Brazilian account.

– now, on the main page of the store you will find an option called “Redeem“. This is where you will enter your code. Click on it.

– last step, you will type on the page that appears the code you received by email or found on the back of the physical card.

Your account is now credited and you can buy anything you want, whether it is a game that does not exist in the Brazilian store or any other American iTunes product, such as music, movies, audiobooks and TV series. Of course, everything is in English.

If you decide to buy over the internet, be very careful of who you buy from. Always make sure that the seller is someone you trust. It is also not advisable to include many credits at once. If one day Apple decides to veto access for those who do not live in the U.S., all of their credits will be forfeited, without claim.