[dica] Use your promotional codes right on the iPhone

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Imagine the situation: you are on the street, following the Blog on your iPhone or iPod touch and suddenly, you are faced with another one of our drawings of Brazilian applications. You participate and win, receiving your promotional code by email a few minutes later. What to do then? Wait until you get home to enjoy it? Nothing like that!

Not everyone knows, but you can enable “promo code”And download the app directly to your iPhone (or iPod touch), both in the app App Store as in iTunes Store (not to be confused with the computer’s iTunes program).

For this, it is essential that the account connected to the device is American, as the codes do not work outside the United States.

To find the area where to enter the code, open the application App Store.

App Store

In the bottom bar, choose the first tab, called “Featured“. You will then see two lists of applications, one in the “New”And another in the“What’s Hot“. Choose the first one and go to the bottom of the list, where you will find the option Redeem. Touch it and you will have access to a page where you can enter (or paste) the promotional code that you won.

Introduction of promotional codes

Code introduction

Once this is done, it will probably ask for your password again and after that, the new application will start to be installed automatically on your device. Very practical.

Code on iPhone

When you connect your device to your computer, iTunes will transfer the application to your PC / Mac automatically, as if you had made a normal download from the App Store.

In the iTunes Store app, the same thing happens, but in the Music tab.

iTunes Store