[Dica] Use VideoSelfie to make animated #selfies

[Dica] Use VideoSelfie to make animated #selfies

Last week we talked about Vimo, an app to put animated stickers on your videos. For today, we have another tip even cooler. This is VideoSelfie, which, as the name suggests, helps you capture selfies in video form, with a few more features that make it more attractive than your iPhoneā€™s front camera.

When opening the application, we will go to the capture part. VideoSelfie offers a series of filters to improve images, which are applied in real time. To do this, just slide your finger sideways and choose the filter you like best. The cool thing is the animated gifs. Touch the icon just below the pink circular button to open the gif gallery. In addition to choosing from an online gallery, you can also import your own images, and you can insert up to 5 stickers.

videoselfie app iphone videoselfie app iphone

Position the animations correctly, choose a song and thatā€™s it, your VideoSelfie is ready to start. Press and hold the pink circular button until desired. You can interrupt the recording and the images will not be lost, and to continue just press and hold the pink button again, as many times as you want.

When you finish capturing, touch the green arrow to be able to export, where you can save the video on your device or Dropbox, post to Instagram or Facebook and much more.

The app also has a kind of social network where the best VideoSelfies from users around the world are shown. You can publish your own videos, like, share and add other users as friends. A nice feature is messaging, where you can exchange private video messages with added users.

Pocket Video Editor & Maker

Pocket Video Editor & Maker

In addition, the difference between him and Vimo, which we talked about last week, is that with VideoSelfie you apply the effects and insert the stickers in real time, while capturing the image. Vimo allows you to do something similar but after filming.

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