[Dica] Use Moldiv to make beautiful montages on your iPhone

[Dica] Use Moldiv to make beautiful montages on your iPhone

Taking advantage of the good quality of the photos taken with your iPhone, the Moldiv app can create beautiful montages using your favorite photos, arranging them in several different ways to share on social networks. Add embellished text, apply effects and insert stickers to have unique images.

The interface is not the simplest because of the large number of features, but it is also not very complicated. On the home screen you choose the format of the assembly and it comes with 80 shapes for free and more than 100 that can be purchased with a premium package for $ 1.99, nothing too expensive.

At the bottom we also have a «Magazine Mode» where several very nice layouts are offered for you to make montages in the magazine style, and you can even put your face as a cover. It comes with 10 free models and a huge amount that can be purchased via in-app purchase.

After selecting the model of your montage, it’s time to insert the photos by touching one of the reserved spaces and choosing the image you want. It is fast because you can choose all the photos at once and change positions immediately afterwards or select one by one by touching the spaces individually.

moldiv iphone app

To switch positions between the montage images, just tap on the one you want, select “Switch” and tap on the location you want to switch to. If you didn’t like one of the photos, tap on the said one to open the menu and click on “Gallery” or “Camera” to choose another one. You can apply filters and effects to each image in the «Effects» option in each menu.

Once the photos are chosen, go to the texts by tapping the “T” icon on the toolbar. You can customize almost every aspect, as the app comes with a huge variety of cool fonts and you can modify the horizontal spacing. The color palette also offers several options, including gradients and background images.

The “S” (shadow) tab allows you to define a shadow for the text, and the last one sets a background color. Touch the text to move and rotate freely. In the last tab you have several predefined patterns but it is also possible to transform your own photos into patterns, selecting shapes to cut out the image – a heart on your girlfriend’s face, for example.

Now that your montage is ready, just export it to the Camera Roll or directly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.

MOLDIV - Photo Editor

MOLDIV - Photo Editor

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