[Dica] Save a page on safari to read later on iPhone

[Dica] Save a page on safari to read later on iPhone

Did you know that you can save a web page on your iPhone and read it later, even without the internet? All this without having to install any application like Pocket? You are a reader friend, this is very easy, and very practical too.

I usually use this function a lot (saving web pages) to read later, especially when I am going to write an article for you, or on my travel blog (vouembora.com). It is always good, when it comes to analyzing what you are going to write to quickly access a «library» of information. That is why saving web pages is very useful.

For women, this function is excellent for recording that fashion tutorial, or the look you liked, or that page with weight loss tips.

And for you reader, this function is great for archiving all interesting articles here on the iPhoneDicas blog.

The cool thing about this feature is that you don’t need to install any apps, and that the page you save on your iPhone’s safari will go directly to your iPad or MacBook that has your iCloud account.

But then, do we go to Dica?

Pick up your iPhone and open Safari

The first thing to do is take your iPhone and open Safari (internet) and open it on a website. If you are reading this article from your iPhone, you don’t need to do anything.

After opening on the desired page, just touch the share button (that square with the up arrow). You will see the option “add to the reading list”. Touch it and there, the article will be stored for future reading. Now see the process in images:

Save page on iPhone safari

After you’ve added it to your reading list, Safari will automatically save that page offline and store it in a list for you. For you to see all the articles stored, just go on safari, and touch the book symbol, which is next to the share icon.

It will open an option with 3 tabs, the reading history, the reading list, and the list of social articles (scenes of next tips). Touch the glasses, or better, the center tab, and you will see all items stored in your list, in order from newest to oldest. See the pictures:


As you can see in the image above, you can also mark the file as read or unread, and also delete the stored page.

To access the archived page, just touch it, and it will open instantly, as if by magic.

Do you have other devices?

Do you also have an iPad or MacBook? Or even the safari on Windows with iCloud enabled? Try accessing your Safari (from iPad, Mac or Windows) and see the reading list. You will have this surprise:

Safari on MacBook ProSafari on MacBook Pro


If you want to save a website on your iPhone, now you know it right? Just go on safari, share button, reading list. Then to read, go to the book, glasses, and ready. (That’s summary! O /)

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