[dica] Name your folders in a fun way ☺

Since the last version of the iPhone and iPod touch system, the iOS 4, it is possible to group applications on the home screen through folders, thus facilitating navigation. To create them, just drag the application icon over another one so that the folder is created, with a name of your choice. If you are looking for a different way to name them, this article may be for you. ?

The solution has always been within reach, but only now has the iPhone JD website given the golden tip: use the website Glyphboard to generate different characters for the names.

Glyphboard is a website that offers special characters compatible with most systems. With it, it is possible to copy the character you want and paste it in the folder name, making the visualization more fun.

Be sure to read our previous article to see the installation step-by-step. ?

UPDATE (07h49):

As some readers have noted, the tip also applies to Japanese icons Emoji. ?