[Dica] Meet Sunrise, one of the best calendars for the iPhone

[Dica] Meet Sunrise, one of the best calendars for the iPhone

One of the main uses of the iPhone is to help the user stay organized. For this, there are a number of applications for different tasks: Reminders, Notes and Calendar. Although the standard iOS Calendar is “usable”, it does not go beyond basic functionality, and thanks to that, there are many solutions on the App Store for you to manage your dates and schedules.

Today we’re going to talk about Sunrise, a calendar app considered one of the best for mobile devices. And look, we are talking about first-rate software here, since Microsoft recently bought the company that develops it for “only” 100 million dollars.

The first point that attracted me was the visual, good clean and concise. But of course, those who see faces don’t see hearts, so I had to explore the app’s features more deeply. The main advantage of Sunrise is the possibility of connecting to several different services, such as Google, iCloud, Facebook and Exchange, in addition to offering integration with several others, such as LinkedIn, Evernote, Google Tasks and Meetup.

sunrise iphone calendar

In the initial screen of the iPhone version we have the current and following weeks in two lines, as in a traditional calendar. Below is a list, in chronological order, of the commitments for the coming days. Just scroll down and advance the dates for a quick look at everything that lies ahead. On the iPad, the initial view is like a conventional calendar, those on the wall, with the days spread out on a table.

sunrise iphone calendar

A very nice feature is that it automatically displays the weather forecast for the current and following days, divided by Morning, Afternoon and Night, informing the maximum temperature and an icon warning if it will be sunny, rain, clouds, etc., ideal for a quick view of the day early in the morning to have all the information in one only place – only for the iPhone version.

In addition to the events and appointments you already have in your standard account, it also offers an option to view several other calendars, such as religious (Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, etc.), sports, moon phases, among others.

sunrise iphone calendar

In case you were curious, we give an example of how the integration with other services works. Say you use Evernote to save reminders, and when you connect with Sunrise, those reminders will appear on the calendar.

If you are one of those who keeps forgetting the birthday of others, it also shows Facebook data.

Best of all, the app is completely free.

In addition to iOS versions for your iPhone and iPad, Sunrise is available on Android and still works on any browser through the website www.sunrise.am. There is also an official application for the Mac OS.

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