[dica] Make typing your email address on iOS easier with keyboard shortcuts

Like iOS 5, Apple introduced keyboard shortcuts, a practical function that allows you to create a set of letters that are replaced by the automatic system corrector. They are very practical when we need to write words that we use frequently, saving precious time in the mobile world.

Some readers have suggested a great implementation of the shortcuts, in something that many use daily: the typing itself email address.

So you don’t have to type in your email address every time, create an easy shortcut that you can use whenever you need to. Follow the steps:

1. Go to Settings> General> Keyboards and tap “Add New Shortcut”.

2. In the “Phrase” field, enter your full email. In “Shortcut”, place @@ (or whichever you prefer).

3. Touch the “Save” button

Ready! Now whenever you need to write your email address, just type @@ and the broker will take care of suggesting the replacement. The tip also makes it easy to switch accounts on the App Store, if you have several from different countries. In this case, it is possible to make a shortcut for each one.

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