[Dica] Learn how to use, create and manage WhatsApp groups

Learn how to choose new administrators for WhatsApp groups

IPhoneTips decided to help thousands of users of Whatsapp for iPhone and will give you precious tips for this fabulous app. In this article you will learn how to use the application, create and manage the famous groups. We will also give tips on how to save space on your iPhone, this is special for those who have a 4S or another iPhone with 8GB.

Well, on WhatsApp, it is the most used messaging app in the world, and it has many features – and more are to come. One of the coolest is group conversations, which facilitate communication between people. Despite everyone using groups, quite a few people have doubts about how to get the most out of the tool, and so we decided to address this issue by showing everything that you can do.

Well, if you don’t know WhatsApp [em que mundo vives?] this is a good opportunity to get to know this super valuable app [né FaceBook], it is the most widespread chatting app in the world! You cannot stay outside this community:

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

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Creating the group

To create a group, just tap the “New Group” button at the top of the main WhatsApp screen (Conversations tab). With that, you will be able to put a profile picture and type in the name of the group – remember that anyone can change both.

IPhone tips create WhatsApp group

That done, the next screen will be to select the contacts that will be part of your group. The simplest way is by tapping the “+” icon, where you will see a complete list of your contacts present on WhatsApp, and just check the white dots on the left. There, your group is created.

IPhone tips create WhatsApp group

Managing the group

With the previous steps the group will already be functioning. However, we can do more. For groups where you are the administrator, it is possible to add new members, kick (expel) someone, or even make a specific person the administrator of the group.

Now, let’s move on to general functionality, that is, groups where you are not the administrator. At some point you may have noticed that people don’t shut up in groups, and their lock screen is usually flooded with messages all the time. There is a solution for this: leave the group on “Mute”.

Mute the group and no longer be disturbed

There are two ways to do this. The first is in the conversation list and just slide your finger from right to left in the group in question and touch the “More” button. Go to Mute and choose the length of time this group will be silenced. An icon will indicate which groups have been silenced.

WhatsApp Groups iPhone Tips WhatsApp Groups iPhone Tips

The other is by going to Group Information (tap the conversation, then the name at the top of the screen). There you can see how long the group will be muted, and also remove the muting.


If you participate in a very special group and important messages are transmitted there, it is possible to create a personalized notification different from the others, and so you know, without looking at the iPhone, that something useful has arrived.

To do this, go to Group Information and tap Notifications. Activate the selector and then just choose the notification. It is also possible to activate Alerts, which are those very intrusive popups that appear in the middle of the screen, instead of the banner that slides from top to bottom at the top.


Leaving a group

If you want to leave the group, the process is simple, even if you are the owner. Scroll to the bottom of the Group Information page and tap the Leave Group button. That done, you will stop receiving new messages, but the conversation will still be present on your device, and just delete the conversation like any other to not see anything else about it.

Receipt and preview notices

Groups also have those markers that notify you when a user has received your message, and the blue marker’s hard finger that speaks when the other has viewed it.

When sending a message, the marker usually has only 1 dash, and this is because not everyone received the same. When everyone receives, this marker will be double, and when everyone sees the message, it will be blue.

Final considerations

People often flood the groups with messages and audio, and this can be a serious problem because all of this media takes up storage space, and depending on the case, things can get ugly for you with WhatsApp taking up a good portion of your precious ones. 16GB (if applicable).

You see, each application stores its own data, which is not accessible to other apps. With that, the photos received on WhatsApp are, theoretically, restricted to it – that is, you could not access them on the Camera Roll.

However, apps can save photos to the system, and they become accessible. This option is enabled by default on WhatsApp, and every photo received ends up being saved on your device as well. The problem is that you will have these files twice: one saved in WhatsApp “memory”, and another saved in the camera roll.

WhatsApp Groups iPhone Tips

To avoid this, just go on Settings> Conversation Settings and explore the options. THE Automatic Media Download, as the name says, causes everything that is sent in conversations, including groups, to be downloaded automatically, and that is not a good thing. Explore the options to see which ones suit you – I leave everything off.

The other important button is the Save Received Media, which, as the name says again, saves everything you receive on the Camera Roll and takes up double the space.

With that you have all the information on how to use WhatsApp correctly. Did you like this tip? Then check out other great ones too: