[dica] It takes time to backup the iPhone may be the fault of excess photos on the device

Each time the iPhone is synchronized with the iTunes, the program performs a quick backup (backup) of the data, such as list of recent calls, SMS and game scores. But one type of data that can make a large volume are the Photos taken with the device, which are also backed up. Result: greater delay each time the iPhone is synced.

To prevent this from happening, a simple tip given by Apple itself.

The problem does not happen with all photos present on the device, only those present on the Camera Roll. That is, you can continue organizing albums in your photo library with images transferred from the computer, as they will not be part of the backup. The inconvenience happens only with the photos on the roll, and the more they are, the longer the synchronization will take.

What Apple suggests on its support page, is to regularly import everything to the computer and then sync back, in case you want the images to remain on the device.

In Windows XP, the import can be done with the Scanner and camera assistant, while in Windows 7 the Windows Photo Gallery import photos. It is important to always select the option “Delete images from the device after copying them”, for the tip to work.

On Mac, importing photos can be done with the application iPhoto.