[dica] How to write special characters on iPhone and iPad

Sometimes we need to write special characters in messages or in some text that we are writing on the iPhone or iPad, and there is that question: how do you do it? For example, how to write , or use the trademark symbol ® on iOS? Or even the Apple logo itself?

Until a while ago this was only possible with small gambiarras, like copying from another place and pasting where you need it. We even talked here a long time ago about a webapp that helps with that. Fortunately, today it has become a little easier, and it is possible to have the symbols much more accessible than before.

Only on iOS 8 did Apple open the system for installing virtual keyboards made by developers, which allowed several of them to appear as an option on the App Store. And with that, it was possible to create keyboards with special characters, which are easily accessible in any application.

In the App Store there are both paid apps and freemiums for that role. Some of the payouts are quite complete and well made (we really like this one), but panning and testing several, we think that one of them stands out for providing a good variety of characters without having to pay anything. And that is what we will show in this example.

UniChar Picker

THE UniChar Picker (free, with internal purchases) is one that offers a lot of content in its free version. Its installation is as simple as any virtual keyboard: just download the app from the App Store and activate it in Settings (see this tutorial for a more explained tutorial). So whenever you need the special character, just touch the globe button, next to the space bar, and change the keyboard.

Special Characters on iOS

It has the great advantage of also providing a widget for the Notification Center, with a shortcut to the most used characters. With that, you don’t even have to keep changing the keyboard to use any character you’ve used recently.

Special Characters on iOS

Remember that not all characters can be viewed on platforms other than Apple. The Apple symbol , for example, will not appear on Windows or Android. But almost all of the symbols found on this keyboard will work without any problems on all systems.

Keep this tip, as sooner or later, you will need to use some of these special characters on your iPhone or iPad. And don’t forget to share with those you know who also use Apple devices.