[dica] How to view only unread emails on iOS


Many users of Mail native iOS users receive several emails a day and with that the inbox ends up being crowded with messages. Not everyone knows, but iOS 7 allows you to enable quick viewing of unread emails, making the user’s life easier. The tip applies to both iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with the new system.

It’s very simple: just open your native Mail and go to “Boxes”, thus viewing all your different email boxes (if you have more than one account set up). Touch the button To edit.

Email tip

At this point, you will see new options that were hidden, such as viewing Attachments, Drafts and even Trash. Select Unread and tap the button OK.

Email tip

There, now a box will remain that will show exclusively your emails that have not been read yet, making your personal organization much easier.

Email tip

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Nice tip from Pedro Freitas