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[dica] How to unlock a phone number on iOS

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IOS 7 brought a very interesting function, which allows block specific numbers phone number so that we no longer receive messages and calls from them. Nowadays, this is very useful to avoid being bombarded by SPAM of all kinds, from politicians in times of election to Christmas promotions from stores that don’t interest us.

But there comes a point when we register so many strange numbers that it starts to hurt us. For example, a reader of the IThing Magazine he was no longer receiving SMS from his bank, precisely because he used the same number as other services that had been blocked by her. Until she realized that, she was blaming the bank and the iPhone.

See how to manage your blocked numbers and remove any that you want to receive messages and calls from the list.

There are some companies that work with sending messages from several different services, such as operators, banks and telemarketing. Therefore, it may happen that you block a number that sent you unsolicited advertising, but which is the same used by your bank. These numbers are usually made up of 4 or 5 digits.

To see the list of blocked numbers, go to Settings> Phone (or Messages)> Lock.

IOS lockIOS lock

From the list, choose the number you want to unlock and then slide your finger over it, from right to left.

IOS lock

You will see that a new Unblock button appears. Touch it and that number will no longer be blocked for calls and messages.

IOS lock

Okay, now you will start receiving messages from this number. Whenever you need to block it again, just follow our previous tutorial.