[dica] How to prevent Facebook from adding strange Contacts to your iPhone or iPad

[dica] How to prevent Facebook from adding strange Contacts to your iPhone or iPad

Many of our readers noticed something strange after they upgraded their devices to the iOS 6: The number of contacts on the calendar has increased significantly, including with people they barely knew. This happened thanks to the new integration of the Facebook to the system, which allows adding to the Contacts and Calendars of the device information present in the social profile.

If you didn’t like the mess Facebook made in your contacts, here’s how to preserve your schedule.

For those who use the service of Mark Zuckerberg, the integration is very interesting, as it allows, with few touches, to share photos and ideas directly on the system. But if filling your device with Facebook contacts is not what you want, you can turn off integration with contacts and also with calendars (it is unpleasant to see your iPhone adding event invitations that you have no idea what it is about).

Go in Settings> Facebook and disable the use of Contacts and Calendars. Thus, the service will no longer have access to them and will not include anything else.

There, you’re no longer at risk of having your device full of contacts from people you barely know. In return, there is an interesting function that you can use: Update All Contacts.

By tapping this button, you update your calendar with photos of the contacts taken from the social network profile, leaving your friends’ registration with their image. This works only if you have registered the same email address that your friend has on Facebook.