[dica] How to Erase Characters in iOS Calculator

Who constantly uses the calculator iPhone (or iPod touch) must have missed a button delete that deletes only the last character in case of a typo. There is the button Ç, but it eliminates all numbers and not just the last one, which can be annoying in case of large numbers.

What few know is that there is a way to delete only the last character, with the help of gestural movements. ?

In fact, you can erase the last entry by quickly dragging your finger on the number display, from right to left (or in the opposite direction).

You can repeat this as many times as you want, until you delete all the characters you want. It is important to make a quick movement, because when it is slow it does not always recognize the function.

The iPhone is so full of details and tricks that not even the official manual points out all the secrets. ?