[dica] How to change the font size on iPhone or iPad

IOS has long had an option to decrease or increase the font size of system texts and applications that support this function. However, this has always been hidden in the menu Accessibility in the settings and only those who saw the tip on technology sites (or in books on the subject) knew this possibility.

Changing the font size is not just for users with special needs. There are those who prefer larger letters to see better without having to bring the device closer to the face; or there are those who like to reduce the letters to see more content on the screen. In any case, it is a useful function for many and there was no point in hiding it in the Accessibility menu.

That is why on iOS 9 Apple decided to facilitate and put it in a more visible way in the Settings, so that everyone benefits. Check out how to do it.

Step 1: Open System Settings and go to the menu Screen and Brightness.

IOS Settings

Step 2: Touch Text Size.

IOS Settings

Step 3: Drag the center ball to the left or right, as you want to decrease or increase the letter. You will notice that the change is immediate and can be seen on the screen.

IOS Settings

If you want to reinforce the text even more, you can activate the “Bold” function on the previous screen.

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