[dica] Get to know all iPhone and iPod touch headset button commands

This is one of those basic tips that not everyone knows its nuances. It seems obvious to many that the microphone on the iPhone and iPod touch headset also serves as button to control the device without having to take it out of your pocket (what? Are you going to say you never noticed that it was a button?: P).

But few know that the controls go beyond pausing the sound or turning up the volume. It is possible, for example, to fast forward a part of a song or video by pressing the button three times and holding the third button. Or activate Voice Control by holding down the button.

Our last article on the subject dates back to 2008, still on iOS 1.1.4. Much has changed since then and it is worth reworking the list of practical button control commands.

All of this information is present in the iPhone Manual, but what would become of blogs if everyone read the manuals thoroughly? ?