[dica] Disable in-app purchases if you’re not used to them

[dica] Disable in-app purchases if you’re not used to them

Perhaps not everyone knows, but it is possible to make purchases within apps, even free ones. It’s what Apple calls “in-app purchase“, A function introduced in iOS 3.0 that allows you to make purchases on the App Store without having to leave the application. This is very useful for when we want to add more functions to the app without having to download another version. The feature is widely used in so-called “freemium“, Games that are free, but that allow the user to buy extra items to evolve faster in the game.

The problem is that in the case of applications aimed at children, this can become a problem, as generally the little ones do not know that the function he asked to unlock is being deducted from the family credit card.

If you often use in-app purchases very little, then it’s best to leave it off to avoid surprises on your account. See here how to do it.

Step 1: Open the Settings and go to the “General> Restrictions“.

Step 2: Enter your restriction password (or create one if it doesn’t exist). Further down the screen, you will see the option “In-App Purchases“. Disable it.

With that, you no longer run the risk of someone buying without wanting something inside any application on your device. ?

If you are too paranoid careful, you can also configure so that every purchase made on the device immediately asks for the App Store password (which in theory, only you know). To do this, just look for the option “Require password”And put to“Immediately“. By default, the App Store does not ask for your password again if you have already entered it in the last 15 minutes.

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