[dica] Create silent alarms on iPhone

[dica] Create silent alarms on iPhone

The alarms iPhone’s are made to always ring, even if the device is in Mute. That’s because alarms are important and are supposed to be user-forgettable. However, there are situations where these same loud alarms can be inconvenient and the ideal would be to be able to adjust vibration mode only, without any sound.

From iOS 10, Apple started to allow the creation of silent alarms on the iPhone. See how easy it is to set up.

The process is very easy and consists of setting an alarm no sound at all, so that the iPhone just vibrates, without fanfare.

In the Clock app, create an alarm and choose the sound as “none“. This will cause the device to only vibrate at the desired time, without playing any sound. This is very useful for reminders during meetings, for example, or other situations whose noise is inconvenient.

As a matter of hardware, the tip does not apply to the iPadbecause it does not have an internal vibration system.

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