[Dica] Control your spending with GuiaBolso

[Dica] Control your spending with GuiaBolso

If you are one of those who arrive in the middle of the month and are even afraid to look at the balance in the bank, this tip [GuiaBolso] it will be quite useful. Keep the control of finances to the letter is not an easy task if you are not an extremely disciplined person on the subject. It may even start the month by writing everything in a notebook – or Excel spreadsheet, or Evernote – but, there is a good chance of reaching a point where things get out of control, you forgot to write down some purchases at the market, or at bakery, etc.

So you get fed up and throw it all away, “next month having it again”.

Well, with GuiaBolso, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. This 100% Brazilian application is an excellent tool for controlling your expenses, in addition to enabling complete monthly financial planning.

The operation is very simple, and before you start using it you must connect a bank account – just enter the branch and account details and your electronic password. Don’t worry because your data is transmitted over a secure connection and the application has a partnership with accepted banks so that this transaction can take place. He currently supports banks Itaú, Bradesco, Santander, Banco do Brasil and HSBC. If your account is at another institution, it is possible to control it manually, however, it will be necessary to manually control balances and transactions. It is also possible to add more than one account from different banks.

With accounts set up, it’s time to control spending. On the home screen, we have a summary of spending in the current month, being able to navigate to other months – the previous ones to see a history of expenses and the next to see a projection of finances.

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The information is very concise: the list starts with the consolidated balance of all accounts; just below we have an indicator of how your spending performance is compared to the monthly plan, also showing the income / expenses ratio, and finally, we have a graph that divides spending by category – purchases, withdrawals, TV / Internet / Telephone , bars, etc.

Each block of information has a detailed view of this data. In the case of spending by categories, we see the total amount spent on each item accompanied by the percentage of expenses, and each category still displays the transactions individually – nothing escapes, nor does that $ 1.70 Trident purchased in debt at the corner pharmacy go unnoticed. .

All expenses are divided into categories and, in general, they are automatically marked. With that, when you make a purchase at the supermarket, it will probably already enter the Purchases category, a drug at the pharmacy will go to Health, and so on. Expenses that are not automatically categorized will be marked as such and you can choose the category, in addition to changing any that the system has provided.

A very interesting part is the planning, where you enter all your expenses for the coming months and with this information the application helps you keep an eye on maintaining the goals, sending notifications whenever there is any important activity.

To keep your financial data safe, the app allows you to enter an access password in addition to a security code.

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In addition to the application for Android and iOS, GuiaBolso has a web version, which can be accessed from any computer.

The best? The service is completely free!

Guiabolso: Your Finances

Guiabolso: Your Finances

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