[Dica] Always find the lowest prices on the market with My Prices

[Dica] Always find the lowest prices on the market with My Prices

This is a super special tip for you who live in São Paulo (because the app only works in SP, currently) and like to save money when shopping. We all know that the best way to find the best price on a product is to go researching in several different places, because the values ​​vary. However, you will not always have time to go to 4 different supermarkets to see the price of condensed milk.

To solve this problem, today we are going to talk about the My Prices app, created by a Brazilian startup, totally free, which helps you to always find the lowest price in the State of São Paulo. Its operation is simple: type the name of a product or point the camera at the bar code, which the application shows you the average price and where it is cheaper.

iphone app My Prices

The app takes the information from the tax invoices of the Nota Fiscal Paulista to be able to compare prices, and so you are sure you are buying the cheapest. It has many other functions, such as a view of the price history of each product.

One of the most important functions is the Shopping Synchronization, where you have to inform your CPF and be registered in the Nota Fiscal Paulista so that the app can check the purchases and register the prices. Rest assured about privacy as all your purchases are processed anonymously, and only prices are extracted to enter the app’s database.

I think it is very important to emphasize here that the My Prices, at the beginning of the year, won a competition against 23 other Brazilian applications during AppCircus São Paulo 2015 to go to Barcelona to participate in the Mobile Premier Awards, an important award in the industry, during MWC, one of the largest mobile technology fairs in the world.

My Prices is available, free of charge, for Android and iOS, and we emphasize that, at the moment, it works only in the State of São Paulo. More information can be found on the official website of the app.

My Prices (São Paulo)

My Prices (São Paulo)

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