[Dica] 5 tips to free up precious space on your iPhone

[Dica] 5 tips to free up precious space on your iPhone

Anyone who has a 16 GB iPhone knows the headache of storage, because they are constantly faced with little disk space, and the most natural reaction is to run and delete songs, photos and videos to see if it resolves.

Although these media take up significant space, there are other factors that contribute to your iPhone becoming full, and the solution is relatively easy.

Basically, we faced 2 problems: the cache of Safari’s Offline Reading List, and some applications like Facebook, which create a cache of all the content we consume, and over time it can get pretty ugly. So, let’s go to the apps.


The Facebook issue is really important: my iPad is 16 GB, and recently I came across the annoying situation of not having more space. When I went to look at consumption, Face had no less than 850 MB, and the “clean” application, zeroed in the App Store has a mere 70 MB. So it is worth paying attention to the subject.

iphone without space

What happens is that the app caches all the content consumed (as I said before). This means that each photo you have viewed through other people’s Faces is stored on your iPhone – think about how many you see in the day. Another problem is also that each time you touch a link, you should have noticed that the page opens in an application’s built-in browser, not in Safari. The big problem there is that EVERY page that is opened is cached so that it loads faster the next time the user accesses this content.

That’s right, all the sites that you open through the Facebook app are saved in the cache, and this will pile up, along with the photos, and in a matter of 1 month you may be over 1 GB being snapped up.

What is the solution?

Well, unfortunately, on iOS you cannot clear the cache for each application individually. So the only way is to use brute force: regularly, delete the app and install again. It is worth mentioning that the latest versions have improved this aspect, and the application is not swallowing as much memory, but it can reach around 400 MB, and from MB to MB the chicken fills the conversation, because there are other apps that take up storage, such as the WhatsApp.


This is another villain. Photos and videos sent in groups are stored somewhere. And there is a bigger problem, because the space it consumes is doubled.

iphone without space

This is because in the new versions of the application, each image received is saved in the photo gallery of your iPhone, and is also saved in the application cache. With that, if you received 200 MB of photos and videos, in fact this content will consume 400 MB of space on the iPhone.

What to do?

Fortunately this feature can be disabled. To do this, just go to Settings> Conversation Settings and uncheck the option “Save Media Received”.

It is also important to disable the automatic download of media, because then you have control of what is downloaded and prevents your iPhone from being loaded with useless photo. To do this, go back to Conversation Settings and tap Automatic Media Download, turning it off for everything.

iphone without space

Also, you should regularly delete the stopper images (the ones you don’t want) from the Photos app. It is also good to go to each conversation / group, access the media and delete the photos and videos that were previously deleted, because then they disappear from the cache.

As a result, the space occupied by WhatsApp should decrease dramatically.

Spotify & other online music apps

Spotify, Deezer, Rdio and other music streaming services have the same problem as WhatsApp and Facebook: they cache content. The solution is the same as the Facebook app, which is to remove and install each app again when the space consumed is significant.

iphone without space

Other Apps

Well, it is practically impossible to list all the apps that will swallow storage on your iPhone, so the tip that remains is “eyes open”. Go in Settings> General> Usage> Manage Storage and see the list of apps ordered in descending order of disk space. So be wary of large applications. For example, I really like wallpaper apps, so one of them takes up almost 200MB, the app is only 20MB and the rest is cache.

The solution is the same for all of them: uninstall and install again.


Safari is the best browser for the iPhone (especially if you have a Mac too), and a very nice feature of it is the Reading List: in the share button, there is an option “Reading List”, which allows you to save any link for further reading.

As this feature makes all saved content available for you to read even when you are offline, this means that it saves this data on your iPhone, and everything is stored in cache. If you use this feature frequently, please be aware that Safari may be consuming a lot of space – in my case it’s 200 MB.

To delete this cache is quite simple. Just go on Settings> General> Usage> Manage Storage> Safari. Note that there is an “Edit” button at the top, just tap there and delete the Offline Reading List, as in the image.

iphone without space

With that you can already save a significant space. You see, if you have all the apps listed here (which is very likely, except for Spotify), you accumulate practically 1 GB of wasted space, where there would be enough photos fotos

Any questions? Be sure to comment below!

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