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Dfndr security – What is it? What is it for? How to download? How to use?

The internet has made life a lot easier. However, it also leaves us prone to suffer from scams and viruses spread across the network. You need to protect yourself and for that to happen, it is important to have applications that provide 24 hour protection such as dfndr security.

Dfndr security is a free Android application that lets your device and your data be protected from viruses and common scams on the internet. Know more about him!

DFN secury

What is dfndr security for?

According to the users themselves, dfnd security is a great application to keep your information safe. Through it you can clean your smartphone and stay away from viruses that are on the network. It is effective in many cases, both for people who just use the phone to make calls and exchange messages, and for those who like games.

The main function is to protect the phone against malicious attacks such as scams, malware, phising, viruses and others. There are other tools in the app that ensure greater protection and even agility of the device. You can clean it, getting rid of threats and also making it faster.

Dfndr security can lock your device in case of loss or theft. This will allow you to erase all data stored on the device even if it is too far away from you. With this, your personal information, whether on social networks or even banking, will always be safe.

With it you can make automatic and scheduled checks against the presence of viruses. If dfndr security happens to find any, it will eliminate it. In addition, trash cleaning is great for getting rid of the cache and consequently improving the performance of the device and protecting it.

Would it be great if all your apps had a password in it? With dfndr security this is possible. Another great advantage of this application is that it is able to check fake news, the famous e-scams. Got a link to redeem a product for free from WhatsApp? Using this app you will know if true or not.

On top of that, there are other features that enhance the performance of your device and make dfndr security essential:

  • Cleaning of notifications;
  • Anti-theft system;
  • Personal assistant;
  • Cleaning of duplicate photos;
  • Game accelerator;
  • Internet accelerator.

How to use dfndr security

The download on the Play Store completely free. However, there are two possible versions: free and premium. The main functions are present in both, which already guarantees excellent performance of your device and its safety. In the premium version, there are extra features and tools that make your experience so much better.

In the free version you will have:

  • Antivirus
  • Hacker Block
  • Battery control
  • Accelerator & Memory Cleanup
  • Application Password
  • CPU cooler
  • Internet security test
  • Connection Accelerator

In the premium version, in addition to those mentioned above, there are also these functions:

  • No advertisements
  • Notifications Control
  • Control of personal data
  • Anti theft

Why does Android need an antivirus?

DFN secury It is important to have an antivirus system on your device to prevent and combat attacks. After all, with the internet and the ease it allows, much of our personal data is on smartphones.

The Android system that suffers the most attacks. This is because it has a higher number of users than other systems. On average, dfndr security detects about 1 million attempted attacks on devices running the Android operating system. A worrying number that makes it essential to have an app to protect your data.

Some antivirus only protect mobile phone before the attack. Dfndr security is able to prevent this. It also identifies the type of risk that the device runs, further enhancing protection and getting the defense right. When attacked, it easily removes malware from the device.

Every smartphone device has parts of the system that the user does not have easy access to. These parts are attractive for attacks. Dfndr security scans at least once a week, cleaning the entire device from any risk, whether it's hard to reach or not. And even if you forget to scan, the application itself will do it from time to time.

Ready to test the best app against viruses and malicious attacks? Download it for free right now on the Play Store.