Developers will be able to offer subscription discounts to current and former customers.

Developers will be able to offer subscription discounts to current and former customers.

One of the new features introduced in iOS 12.2 beta 3 was new discount options for subscriptions in progress or previously canceled.

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This week, Apple detailed how developers can try to win back the trust and pocket of former customers, as well as make that pleasing their current phase, whether it's an app / service for macOS, iOS or tvOS.

There are only three new options:

  • Free (Free): Customers will get access to the subscription for free, for a specific period, for example, a new 30-day trial for a subscription of $ 18.90.
  • Pay As You Go (Pay while using): Customers pay a promotional price for each billing period, for a selected duration for example, pay $ 10.90 per month for three months for a subscription with a standard renewal price of $ 18.90 per month.
  • Pay upfront (Payment in advance): Customers pay a one-time promotional price for a specific period, for example, $ 3.90 for the first three months of a subscription with a standard renewal price of $ 22.90 per year.

As I said, these promotional offers are valid for both former subscribers who have canceled service and current customers, allowing them to win back those who have given up and keep those who remain loyal. Customers who have never subscribed to such a service / app do not have access to these offers but may have others if the developer offers so-called introductory offers.

I explain: With introductory offers (for new customers), developers can adjust one subscription offer per territory; Already in promotional offers (for current and ex), up to ten offers per subscription is possible allowing several tests to see what works best with customers. In addition, the developer also controls when an offer is displayed to a customer, in which territories, and how many offers a customer can redeem.

Developers will be able to use receipt validation tools to find subscribers who have disabled automatic renewal. This will allow you to target exclusive offers to re-enable automatic renewal before the subscription period ends.

Promotional offers for current and former subscribers will be available on iOS 12.2, macOS Mojave 10.14.4, and tvOS 12.2 and later. Developers can now get ready by building offers on App Store Connect, downloading Xcode 10.2 beta, and implementing the new StoreKit APIs in their applications.

via MacRumors