Security email for developers

Developers to enable two-factor authentication by the end of February

In the past few days, members of the Apple Developer Program received an email from the company alerting them that, from the day February 27, all developer accounts must be enabled for the two-factor authentication (the same security feature used to protect iCloud accounts).

Security email for developers

Apple said the feature should be implemented to help keep developer accounts more secure by ensuring that no one (other than the developer himself) has access to the platform’s credentials – even if the attacker has the password. This will help to keep the development program itself more secure, avoiding unwanted intrusions.

Developers who use the same Apple ID for iCloud and the Apple Developer Program (and have enabled this option) shouldn’t worry. For the general public, two-factor authentication remains optional – however, Apple itself points out that some features of the latest iOS and macOS require this additional layer of security to be accessed.

Now, if you’re a developer (or not) and have two separate accounts for development or for personal use, learn how to enable two-factor authentication on this Apple support page. We also published a video explaining better this security feature of Apple accounts, check it out. ?