Developers create beautiful iOS drop-down menu concept

Developers create beautiful iOS drop-down menu concept

O iOS It evolves by leaps and bounds with each new version, but some major changes are still missing if it ever wants to be a substitute for MacOS in the computing world (or, as some theorize, to merge with the Mac system). Fortunately, some developers and designers are working on ideas that make this distance smaller each day.

Want an example? Just take a look at this beautiful concept of menus drop down Ma mobile operating system developed by Ma Two Lives Left, responsible for the Codea coding application.

In an article on the studio blog, developer Simeon explained the origin of the concept: by creating the Codea universal app (previously available only for iPads), Two Lives Left faced the challenge of working with the area significantly. reduced on the screens of iPhones. The plethora of buttons and shortcuts laid out on the tablet interface could not be reproduced on the smartphone screen and they did not want to resort to the traditional solution of hiding everything in side menus.

The solution? Just get inspired by the menus drop down macOS, adapting its operation to the interaction with touch.

Here are the two basic ways to interact (with the menus drop down): Touching or dragging.

In this way, the developers were able to include all the essential Codea buttons and shortcuts in three main sections, arranged on the iPhone screen. A second article on the Two Lives Left blog goes deeper into the process of creating elements, talking about their principles of animation and behavior, as well as very interesting interface details for those interested in the world of user interface.

The menus drop down from Two Lives Left will be added in a future Codea update and will also be featured on the new developer app, Shade (still in beta). The code of the elements has been published by the developers on GitHub so that other people can incorporate the concept into their own apps which is already happening:

Menus in action. Changing the number of columns in HomeCam. I will need to limit the number to the size of the device, of course. Loving this menu system created by Two Lives Left. It solves many problems in a very interesting way.

Can Apple adopt something similar on iOS 13?

via Cult of Mac