Developers can allow “grace period” on App Store subscriptions

We have already talked about a number of new requirements that Apple will begin implementing soon in its approval guidelines. App store. Not all of that, however: Ma has also added a new option that developers can enable if they wish and that is very good for the experience of people using apps with signatures.

The call Tolerance Period (or Billing Grace Period(as Apple calls it in English) benefits users who have active subscriptions but for whatever reason have a problem with their payment method and are unable to renew the app's monthly fee. Currently, such an occurrence will cause the user to lose access to the service immediately, but that may change.

With the grace period enabled, weekly subscription users will have to 6 days extra use of the service until it is interrupted; In the case of monthly subscriptions (or more), this period shall be 16 days. In either case, Apple will notify users that they need to update their payment information to continue enjoying subscriptions; If they resolve their issues within the grace period, they may continue to use their subscriptions without interruption.

To enable the grace period for an app that offers internal subscriptions, simply go to App Store Connect and select it on the screen. “My Apps”. In the toolbar, select Features In App Purchases. Finally, find the option “Billing Grace Period” and click on Turn On. Confirm your choice and you're done!

Of course, not all developers will adopt the feature, nor do they need to. Still, a good option to have, especially as it offers users a more user-friendly and beneficial experience.

via MacRumors

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