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Developer warns of iOS shortcuts that capture user data

The IOS shortcuts represent one of the best new features introduced by Apple for its mobile operating system in recent times. They simplify some tasks that previously required a series of complicated or boring steps, and even open possibilities that were not even existent before on the handsets of ourselves. We've given you some interesting shortcut tips here on the site. However, I need to be aware of another side of all this freedom.

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Two Lives Left developer Simeon Nasilowski recently came to Twitter to alert: always pay attention to the shortcuts you are activating, what types of processes they trigger, and the reputation of the developer or company that created the tool in some cases. , extra features may be hiding very unwanted actions.

I was informed (by @ AvimanyuRoy3) that it is extremely easy to steal highly sensitive personal information from an iPhone via a shortcut.

Just take a look at the amazing malicious shortcut. You are disturbed by what your phone can capture from you.

These could be personal contacts, names you typed in iMessage, addresses, browsing history, app usage, file content

I even uploaded the full text of Charles Copens' David Copperfield to Codea recently to test the performance of text editing. The names and places (of the text) have been indexed.

According to the developer, most malicious shortcuts are "memory cleaners" but actually compress the data they want to capture, send it to some server, send a link to the attacker through iMessage, and erase the data.

Simeon said he shared his findings with Apple, but it is not known if Apple takes action on the problem, as it is very difficult for something to be done, as shortcuts are not hosted by Ma and malicious tools simply use resources. the key to making the Shortcuts app itself work.

So, never need to repeat: both in Shortcuts and anything you download from the internet, please inform yourself. Look for the reputation of who created the content, check the file, check what it does, and make test rounds before incorporating it into your daily life. Caution, after all, never too much.

via AppleInsider