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Developer shows how your game will be created for the Apple Watch

The SDK (software development kit, or software development kit) for the Apple Watch is and, although the watch is not yet available on the market, developers are already working on creating apps for it.

All we've seen so far have been some concepts for famous apps / services, but developer NimbleBit (from the last Tiny Tower, Pocket Planes, etc.) is creating the Letterpad game for the clock and decided to share mockups of it, as disclosed by the Touch Arcade.

Letterpad game mockup for Apple Watch

It is a relatively simple word game, which will be available for both iGadgets as for Watch. The goal is to form words related to a specific topic from a grid of nine letters.

Playing in a watch definitely shouldn't be a pleasant thing, after all, the screen is not comfortable for this type of interaction. Still, for a moment of distraction, games like the Letterpad are likely to be welcome.

On a related note, concepts for Watch apps keep popping up. We’ve seen a few, but the Co.Design shared new ones created by the Huge agency. for famous apps like Uber (voice command for ordering a car; real-time car tracking; and quick notifications for driver messages), Foursquare (suggestions based on the user’s location and time of day; voice search for the places the user may like; and check-ins simple with a touch), Instagram (notifications of new interactions; and browsing the photos with the digital crown) and more.

Concept for Apple Watch - Uber

Concept for Apple Watch - Foursquare

Concept for Apple Watch - Instagram

If you like to imagine how these apps could be, be sure to stop by to see all the creations.

(via MacRumors)