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Developer shares gallery with over 150 Siri Shortcuts

The resource Siri Shortcuts It may not be the most popular of all, but it's easy to understand how it helped transform the way some users perform certain actions. More than automating certain tasks, such shortcuts create new possibilities for iOS from performing daily tasks to helping with app development.

After the feature was released with iOS 12, several users started looking for shortcuts that could help them in everyday life, some of which were created by Apple itself and are available in the Shortcuts app gallery. However, the developer Matthew Cassinellidecided to publish his collection of shortcuts online with more than 150 options!

The developer-published Siri Shortcut library (and former employee of Workflow, a company acquired by Apple in 2017) covers a wide variety of tasks across services, such as calendars, web browsing, and more. The collection also includes a variety of tools for more trivial uses, such as disabling Wi-Fi, as well as Do Not Disturb when a game starts.

Each shortcut has a category (routine, issue, lifestyle, etc.) in addition to a brief description (in English) of what each one performs; The download link via iCloud is in the box for each of the following shortcuts:

According to Cassinelli, the decision to disclose her online shortcut library came from the fact that with iOS 13, the Shortcuts app installed by default on all devices. In addition, actions within each shortcut was redesigned on the latest OS to be read in plain language, transforming "what was once rather blunt into something very clear," said the developer.

If you want to check even more options, there is also a great blog-created repository. MacStories.

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