Protótipos do Apple Watch

Developer retrieves original Apple Watch prototypes and will try to restore them

Apple is notoriously paranoid about its prototypes. It is very rare that we see testing units for their products in the “real world” and when that happens, shock waves are felt by the technological world.

Therefore, it is very rare to see cases like this, which we will deal with now: an Italian developer managed to get his hands on six apparently original prototypes of the First generation Apple Watch all of them produced in 2014, one year before the clock was launched. Information is from Motherboard.

Giulio Zompetti claimed to have acquired the prototypes of an electronic waste treatment plant, which raises some doubts after all, if Apple chose to pass these units on to a third party company, it certainly did so under a ton of confidentiality contracts so that the units do not match wrong hands. That is, something in the middle of the process went wrong.

The fact that the prototypes appear to be real: like the iPhones test units that have already appeared in the world, they have provisional serial numbers, temporary inscriptions (the good old Lorem Ipsum) and false marks, one of which is very similar to the Death Star in the films of "Star Wars", also present in some prototype iPhones.

Although the design of the prototypes is very similar to the one that ended up becoming the definitive one in the original Apple Watch, we can see some variations, one of the units, for example, has a completely different arrangement of sensors in the black ceramic piece that is in contact with the user skin.

It is beautiful to see models that visually differ from the final production version. See, for example, the layout of the sensors.

The design changed afterwards to become the one we all know today.

All prototypes are broken, but Zompetti believes he can restore them to a point sufficient to link them, which would certainly bring even more interesting information about the development and manufacturing process for Apple devices. The developer stated that he would work on the project over the next few months and then sell the units; he has not yet set a price for this, however.


via AppleInsider