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Developer makes Touch Bar compatible with Windows 10

The usefulness of Touch bar It is not debatable MacOS and it will depend a lot on the usage pattern of each one, but an undeniable thing: if you usually run the Windows 10 On her MacBook Pro, the completely useless bar at these times it simply displays the function buttons that would be physically occupying that place on other computers, with no other utility or integration. An intrepid hacker, however, resolved to face this problem.

Developer @imbushuo has managed to make Touch Bar work with Windows 10 running via Boot camp, making the bar minimally more useful when using the Microsoft operating system. With integration, the secondary screen will display the system taskbar, and you can tap the icons to open the Start Menu, recall or Cortana, and switch between applications.

It is quite true that, for the moment, the usefulness of limited integration: it can only mirror the taskbar on the top screen, with no other contextual functionality per application; It is not possible to hide the bar on the main screen and leave it only on the Touch Bar, which would save screen space but would require setting up a virtual display driver in which the developer has no interest in working at the moment. Touch ID doesn't work, either.

To accomplish this, the developer simply modified the Windows-recognized Touch Bar profile: Normally, the system identifies the bar as a virtual keyboard, but with some modifications it can make it "think" that the secondary screen is just that: secondary screen.

For now, if you want to venture to make a similar modification, have to deal with a lot of configuration files contained in a GitHub repository, the developer has not created a “cute” app for users to install functionality, so the process is recommended only for advanced users. It is also worth noting that peripancy may require more than normal battery life of your computer and even cause problems with other aspects of the system, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

In other words, until someone is ready to take these findings and turn them into a self-contained, easy-to-install, problem-solving utility, it's a good idea that the Touch Bar on Windows remains just a curiosity. But a start, isn't it?

via iPhone Hacks