Developer finds specific keyboard for typing with one hand in the bowels of iOS

Developer finds specific keyboard for typing with one hand in the bowels of iOS

Anyone who has an iPhone Plus and doesn't have huge hands will agree with me that typing on the device using just one hand is a hard, time-consuming task. It is not easy to do the gymnastics of extending your finger to the tips to reach the ends of the virtual keyboard.

There are some third party solutions available on the App Store, such as the Microsoft keyboard, that try to solve this problem. But let's face it, if something native is not implemented by Apple, it is unlikely that the large mass of users of iPhones Plus (or even iPhones with a 4.7 inch screen, in the case of people who really have small hands) will enjoy such a benefit.

THE hack today's fun (which has been on iOS since version 8, at least); the iOS keyboard has a left / right hand mode not used. He activated by gestures on the edge.

The developer Steve T-S, who loves to dig into the insides of iOS, discovered something very curious this week: a keyboard created specifically for one-handed typing (both left and right). According to the developer, this feature has been present in iOS since version 8 (at least) and would be activated simply by making a gesture on the screen (pulling the left / right edge towards the center of the device with the normal keyboard activated).

The video below shows the process better (although using the Simulator on a Mac, which made the task of activating the keyboard much more "complicated").

What this keyboard does is to concentrate / squeeze the keys in a region where your finger can reach everything more easily. As this ends up creating an empty area on the opposite side, Apple took advantage and tried to put some shortcuts which are currently available when we are using the virtual keyboard in landscape mode (since, horizontally, the keyboard also gains more space).

Hidden keyboard on iOS to type with just one hand

This keyboard, if Steve is right, was implemented by Apple at the time of the release of the iPhones 6/6 Plus, when the company threw the idea of ​​a single 4-inch screen through the window and tried to launch the two sizes we know today (4 , 7 ″ and 5.5 ″). Apparently she knew that many would have problems with typing on the devices and implemented something native in the system, who knows why, however, that keyboard was not made available (who knows the experience in it, other than that).

(via 9to5Mac)