Developer Brings Pixel Digital Reader Gesture Function to Marshmallow

Developer Brings Pixel Digital Reader Gesture Function to Marshmallow

Advanced user of Android operating system knows that one of the Google Play Store alternatives is the developer community spread across forums around the world. And one of the biggest sources of news XDA Developers. After testing the app Fingerprint Quick Action, I decided to recommend to anyone who wants to have the gesture function of the new Google smartphones. The app is easy to use and does not require root access to function.

The developer ztc1997 has created a well-designed, simple-to-use app that brings the gestures of Google Pixel to any smartphone and lets you use the fingerprint sensor for more than just locking and unlocking the screen.

To use the Fingerprint Quick Action, your smartphone needs to run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher and of course have a biometric sensor. From what I noticed from the comments on the XDA Developers forum, the function works best on handset with the player on the back. However, I used the feature on my Galaxy S7 Edge smoothly, even though the sensor was positioned at the front.

To download the app, simply go to the XDA forum topic and install using the "unknown sources" option. Then just open the app and give accessibility permissions. So you can, for example, use a quick tap on the sensor to access shortcuts or even slide your finger over the reader and quickly see recently opened applications.

fingerpreint action app
Fingerprint Quick Action works on Galaxy S7 Edge / AndroidPIT

This is a type of feature that, over time, will prove useful for those who want to have a more complete experience with the device, as you don't need many taps to get the function you want. Pay attention, however, not to opt for services that compromise the use of the device. My tip: Try the app for at least a week and see what it can help you with in your daily life.

If you have root access to your smartphone, you can count on more options for using Fingerprint Quick Action. However, as stated above, you do not need root to use the app.

What about, does your smartphone have a digital player? What do you do with it besides unlocking the device securely or validating payments?

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