Apple design team

designer who made history leaves, video / entertainment market executive enters

Apple design team

Cupertino’s comings and goings continue in full swing. The last chapter of this back and forth has as its protagonists a designer who made history and an important executive in the video / entertainment market. So, let’s start with the bad news.

21 years at Apple, Christopher Stringer he was part of Ma’s elite team (a team of designers led by Jony Ive), getting directly involved in the important creations that were born in Cupertinian laboratories (put some Macs, iPhone, iPad, etc. models on this cake). In recent years, Stringer has become a key player in the legal dispute between Apple and Samsung, as reported by The Information.

Apple design teamChristopher Stringer the first from right to left

He is the second designer on the Ive team to leave the company after the British took over as chief design executive. The first was Daniel Coster, who is now at GoPro as vice president of design.

It is not yet known what Stringer’s next destination will be; which we can say is a huge loss for Ma.

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Now, good news: the same The Information also reported that Apple hired Shiva Rajarama (formerly YouTube and Spotify).

Shiva Rajaraman

Rajarama is expected to respond directly to Eddy Cue (Apple?s software and internet services chief), focusing on helping to create a video content strategy, a relatively new area within the company that faces established established competitors like Netflix, HBO , Hulu, etc.

Without a doubt, we are talking about an area where Apple needs to evolve a lot intrinsic to Apple TV and that can dictate the success of this product in the market.

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