Concept of a possible 20th Anniversary Studio Display

Designer imagines commemorative edition of Apple Studio Display with curved borderless screen and metal body

Since the mad death of the Thunderbolt Display, Apple has left (at least until further notice) the segment of monitors, preferring to transfer the responsibility to partner LG and give its approval to an alternative made by the South Koreans. This does not, however, erase the history of almost two decades of the Apple with its famous panels – a history that began in 1998, with the gleaming Apple Studio Display, launched on March 17 of that year (that is, exactly 20 years and 2 days ago).

To celebrate the anniversary of this important date and delight in the future in which Apple (presumably) will return to making state-of-the-art displays with stunning visuals, the designer Martin Hajek recently shared with iDropNews the concept of a possible 20th Anniversary Studio Display.

Look, what a beauty:

In Hajek’s imagination, we would have a 27-inch curved OLED panel here – yes, such large OLED screens are very expensive, but the idea would be to see Apple doing something cutting edge and cutting edge without worrying about the cost. The thickness of the monitor would be as small or even less than that of the most recent iPhones, and the piece would re-adopt the iconic three-foot design brought by Studio Display 20 years ago.

Unlike the 1998 piece, with its shiny polycarbonate, we would have here a body entirely made of extremely polished metal, giving the same shiny air of 20 years ago but with another type of material – only the glass of the almost borderless canvas would interrupt the lines curves and subtleties of the monitor, in Hajek’s imagination. The screen would also be touch sensitive, and an update to macOS would give the system a more finger-friendly face, according to the designer.

Concept of a possible 20th Anniversary Studio Display

If all of this looks pretty impressive, wait to hear Hajek’s idea of ​​panel connectivity: in his mind, the 20th Anniversary Studio Display would have only a power cable, connecting to the computer exclusively using proprietary wireless technologies – even so, Thunderbolt and HDMI inputs would be included for greater compatibility. Of course, the good thing about being a designer with no commitment to reality is that you can just put all the delusional ideas that come to mind on paper without thinking about the technical challenges of the whole thing, but maybe Apple is not inspired?

In addition to the monitor, Hajek also envisioned a new Magic Keyboard totally touch sensitive, with variable layout and Touch Bar to accompany you:

Concept of a possible 20th Anniversary Studio Display

Really amazing … in every way.

via iClarified