Designer creates archive of all Apple promotional materials since its inception

Designer creates archive of all Apple promotional materials since its inception

It seems that today is the official day of nostalgia for companies founded by Steve Jobs: after a complete NeXT catalog scanned by a historian, we have a file very Largest being made available on the internet is one that covers all the promotional materials produced by Apple since its founding in 1976.

Designer (and Ma enthusiast) initiative Sam Henri Gold, and the idea came when he realized that the YouTube channel Every Apple Video was beginning to be abandoned by its maintainers. From then on, Gold began capturing images and videos from all humanly possible sources: Apple's official and unofficial YouTube sources, FTP servers spread across the internet and donations from friends or strangers from external drives, CDs / DVDs or even Cassette tapes.

I decided to open my Apple video archive on Google Drive as a test species to make sure all the dates are correct and that I haven't forgotten anything. Check it out and enjoy! Comments are welcome 🙂

The project is still in its infancy: Gold plans to make the entire repository available on a special Internet Archive (The Foundation, by the way, has already announced that it will be happy to host the file), but for now, has put all the collected material into Google Drive. Action is a kind of advance so that other enthusiasts can check the content already posted, making sure the assigned dates are correct and the material is complete.

On Google Drive, the material is divided into decades and years, along with special App Store art sections and videos from various Apple stores around the world. We have full videos of keynotes, commercials, print advertisements, official photos of high-resolution products, Apple internal videos anyway, which you imagine is saved there.

The only problem that Google Drive is currently unable to handle is the number of file accesses, so many documents are inaccessible or unavailable for viewing online. We hope the situation will be regularized soon, because the material is really impressive.

via The Verge