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Designer Creates Apple's (Real) Smart Mirror Concept – Unfortunately Still Without Beauty Enhancement Feature

Imagine the scene: you wake up, go to the bathroom, and while brushing your teeth, already control the lighting and temperature of the house, command the preparation of coffee in your smart coffee maker, stay on top of the day and still can schedule an Uber to go to work all from your mirror.

Concepts like this have already popped up on the Internet, but this one, by designer Rafael Dymek, differs from most of them for two reasons: first, the professional created a real model of his idea and demonstrated it in video; In addition, the entire mirror interface of the future based on iOS 10, which led Dymek to christen his creation of Apple Mirror.

The video recorded by the designer already gives a good idea of ‚Äč‚Äčits design, showing the fully functional mirror with clock and calendar on top, and running applications like Netflix and Sonos Controller. It automatically turns off after 45 seconds of inactivity, turning into an ordinary mirror, but comes alive with any touch on the surface.

You can see that, of course, Dymek used some other system (most likely some Linux distribution) with a heavy visual modification to look similar to iOS 10 since accomplishing this endeavor with Apple's shutdown system would of course be impossible.

Unfortunately, the designer didn't detail how he built his proof-of-concept, so here we will just be admiring the beauty of his smart mirror. On the project's official website, however, he goes deeper into his ideas, showing integration with HomeKit and Siri, for example, to make some everyday tasks even easier to do right from his mirror.

What we haven't seen in Apple Mirror yet is the possibility of beautifying your user's face which can make, at least for me, the whole experience a frustrating exercise. Although if Dymek really thinks like Apple as he says he does, surely he's only saving this feature for the second generation.

(via MacRumors)