Design structures for websites or projects quickly with

How many times have you encountered the difficulty of laying out links between pages, documents or videos in a project or website, using an old pen or getting lost in Power Point or "post it" documents scattered on the wall? The website is an effective aid for sharing quick ideas when you need to quickly layout a project website.

There are different arrangements for organizing the balloons, in a grid, tree or circular form, according to needs.

By clicking on one of the balloons you can quickly edit the text, create hyperlinks and formatting.

From this you can create links with other balloons and from the layout of the connections or families of information.

a way to quickly let your engineer and designer know what you want when planning a website, for example.


The best that this online work tool can be shared among employees, so everyone can contribute to the project.

When you start the project, in order not to place the first bubbles, one by one, you can open it immediately with the number you want and then hit and fill the connections.

It also has other tools that allow you to select groups of items and others that make work easier.

Then you can record on the computer, share or print.

Basic use is free, but if you decide to pay for the premium version you can access additional tools, such as inserting images or associated files.

The free version is also limited to 20 balloons in the scheme, so you can try it out before deciding whether it's worth upgrading to a paid account.