iMacs remain subject to an update this week, along with MacBooks Pro

Demand for all-in-one computers increases this year, with the iMac ahead

Based on information obtained from Asian suppliers, the DigiTimes he said today that the demand for all-in-one computers has increased considerably this end of year, although the prices charged for these machines are usually higher than that of equivalent traditional towers.

21.5-inch iMac viewed from the side

ahead of that market is the iMac, Apple's all-in-one desktop, with about 40% share of sales in 2010. The total PC units in this category sold this year should be around 10 million, and may grow up to 40% in 2011, being two of the main Asian manufacturers Quanta Computer (which produces for Apple and HP, among others) and Pegatron Technology (ASUSTeK).

Industry sources indicate that the presence of touch screens on all-in-one computers should become more common; despite patents and rumors (denied) indicating designs for an iMac that can be used almost as a touch table, Steve Jobs himself has already ruled out the feasibility of implementing touchscreens on "vertical" screens.

(via AppleInsider)