Apple fixes issue with MacBooks Pro hard drives and releases Bluetooth firmware update

Demand for 13-inch MacBook Pro is higher than expected, says Piper Jaffray

After being reduced in price and included in Apple's family of professional machines with a host of interesting new features, analysts characterize the 13-inch MacBook Pro as a much more successful product than its predecessor, which was not previously labeled as "Pro". The reduced price and the promotion of sales of the promotion back to school in the United States are making the demand for the model go beyond what was expected, according to Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray.

MacBook Pro with glossy screen

Munster points as an indicator of this the increase in the forecast of delivery of the product in the Apple Store Online (now estimated between seven and 10 days). The 15-inch model, equipped with a 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo processor, is also experiencing similar excess demand, he said.

Thanks to that, the analyst increased his sales expectations for Apple for the last fiscal quarter, now estimated at 2.2 million computers worldwide. It is still less than what was sold in the same period last year, but it is good news.

As for the new iPhone, Munster also claims that its demand is higher than expected. The device was launched in eight countries almost three weeks ago and matched the sales of the previous model's launch weekend, released in 21 countries last year. With that added to the data that “leaked” from an internal memo from the US operator AT&T, he estimates a total of five million iPhones sold in the last quarter, but not with much certainty.

(Via: AppleInsider.)