Video: iPad can make MacBook Pro go to sleep

Delay (?) In launching the iPad would have to do with software, not hardware

In late January, when Apple announced the iPad, it promised that the tablet would be available “in 60 days” which would take us to the end of March. Not surprisingly, rumors pointed to the big day as March 26, but today Ma has revealed the official date: April 3 (Saturday).

iPad lying and on its side

Honestly, making a two-month availability forecast for a revolutionary product that involves so many different aspects, like the iPad, and just adding it in one week cannot even be called a * delay *.

Still, there are those who say that this may have to do with the production problems speculated in recent days. John Gruber, from Daring Fireball, disagrees: the extra week was necessary for Apple to finish the iPad software, and it has nothing to do with its hardware.

For Gruber, who has internal sources in Cupertino, a totally insignificant week in the face of a history of huge delays in the launch of large operating systems, for example.